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What, is important, but why, is even more so.... 
What should be the interests, abilities, and skills of someone entering into a pilot? by William Mitchell The link above is to this question posted on Quora, an online question-answer type website. William, an air ambulance pilot provided an answer like a boss. I suggest you click on the link, read the...
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How to sell 3 hour minimum flight time Flight Review sessions
A couple of days ago I came across this post by Bob Meder, the chairman of the board of National Association of Flight instructors (NAFI) – About Flight Reviews – link here. In his post Bob is talking about a very prevalent  culture in general aviation pilot community – easy way to...
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What is the National Fail Rate for 1st attempt CFI Initial Checkride Applicants?
Most CFI applicants around the country prepare for the CFI checkride in the same manner like they did for all their previous checkrides. And unfortunately, many Instructors are teaching CFI applicants using the same methodology. Teaching a pilot applicant and teaching a Flight Instructor applicant is...
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Advantages of On-Campus Student Housing
Since 1998 we have been involved in the business of exclusively training Flight Instructors. If you do something long enough, you are bound to have a little edge over your competition. Well, we have a bit more than just a little. On-campus student housing is ONE of them. Our building is custom-built...
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The top-most reason for failing CFI checkride
I was just going through some old posts on this CFI blog, and came across this one – Top 10 Ways to Fail your CFI Checkride. This post was written some 10 years ago, and explains the top reasons why CFI applicants fail the CFI Checkride. But then again, I have the 11th and the most common reason...
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Passed your CFI Checkride, Now What?
New CFI? Here is some guidance on a few important steps you should take as you start your career as a Flight Instructor.
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True Accelerated CFI
A true Accelerated CFI Program will get you your CFI ticket in your pocket within the advertised time – frame. There are many “CFI Academy” offers out there nowadays, promoted by many big and small flight schools. Many claim that they have a 10 day, 14 days, even 7 day CFI training...
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Foreign Pilot/Instructor Conversion to US FAA Pilot/CFI
Obtaining a US FAA pilot certificate (license) and a Flight Instructor Certificate, when you hold a foreign pilot and instructor licenses is possible. The following procedures are applicable to all foreign pilots, except for our friends from Canada. For Canadian pilots and instructors, the process is...
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What is Adequate Instruction?
Becoming a flight instructor comes with a great deal of power. With great power comes a great responsibility Benjamin “Ben” Parker (Uncle Ben) ? Instructor Responsibility Dictionary meaning of adequate instruction is – sufficient. Sufficient? So how do we define, weigh, or measure, sufficient in flight...
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