Flight Training Financing

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At our flight training school, we understand that pursuing your dream of becoming a pilot can be a significant financial commitment. Learning to fly is an exciting journey, but it can also be expensive, especially if you wish to complete your training at an accelerated pace. To support aspiring pilots like you, we offer various financing options.
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If your regular cash flow doesn’t allow you to progress as quickly as you’d like, financing your flight training may be an attractive solution. By opting for financing, you can continue your training without large gaps between lessons, which helps you retain and build upon the skills learned in each session. This continuity ensures a more efficient learning process and ultimately speeds up your progress towards obtaining your desired pilot’s license.
While financing does involve finance charges, the ability to take more frequent flights and consistent training outweighs the additional cost for many students. Our goal is to make flight training accessible to motivated individuals who are dedicated to learning the art of flying safely and proficiently.

With decades of experience, we take immense pride in providing top-notch flight training services. Our highly skilled and certified instructors are committed to teaching you the skills and knowledge necessary to become a competent and confident pilot.

Financing & Scholarship Resources

Explore the resources provided below to discover a wealth of information on available funding options tailored to your educational and career aspirations. These resources can help you find the perfect financial support for your goals.

Utah Valley University’s degree programs allow you to apply student loans and financial aid directly to your flight training costs. The ground portion of your flight training and general education classes can be completed online for college credits with access to classes 24 hours a day. Students can fly with CFI ACADEMY while completing their online degree at UVU.


UVU’s Aviation Financial Aid Office understands the unique needs of aviation students and is available to assist students at 1-877-336-8872 or aviationfinaid@uvu.edu. We strongly recommend contacting them prior to beginning your financial aid application process. To apply for financial aid: www.uvu.edu/financialaid. For specific tuition information and any other questions please call the Aviation Advisement Center Mon – Fri, 10am – 6pm Mountain Time 1-888-901-7192 or email: aviation@uvu.edu

Stratus Financial is committed to helping aspiring pilots achieve their flight dreams swiftly and seamlessly through their hassle-free funding solutions. They understand the importance of turning passion into a career and offer the necessary financial support to pursue aviation aspirations. With their expertise and knowledge of the aviation industry, Stratus Financial stands as a reliable partner for all aspiring pilots seeking to fulfill their dreams in the skies.


Visit Website : https://stratus.finance/

We finance flight training. Our easy, affordable programs are for part-time training. If you are looking for financing options for your program with CFI Academy; visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-667-0201 and mention CFI Academy for more information.


Visit Website: https://www.flighttrainingfinancellc.com/

AOPA is a valuable source of information and resources for pilots, now offering pilot financing with quick and easy flight training loans. The application process is online. For more details on their loan options, visit their website.

Additionally, AOPA actively supports aviation by providing scholarships. To learn more about the scholarships they offer, you can find detailed information on their website.


Visit Website: https://finance.aopa.org/flight-training-finance

LendingTree provides individuals interested in flight school with a convenient way to access personal loan offers from various lenders using a single form. These loans typically offer lower interest rates compared to credit cards, and funds are often deposited directly into their bank accounts within days. Even if users don’t select a loan from the offers, LendingTree’s service remains entirely free and assists in comparing financing options with other providers.


Visit Website : https://www.lendingtree.com/personal-loans-index

With Earnest, individuals exploring flight school have the opportunity to effortlessly obtain a collateral-free personal loan offer. These loans come with impressively low interest rates, starting from 5.25% APR. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your preferred monthly payment and the freedom to modify it anytime. Plus, you can make extra or early payments without incurring any fees. Click here for more information on how Earnest can help you pursue your aviation dreams.

Visit Website : https://www.earnest.com/

Since 1929, The Ninety-Nines have been dedicated to supporting women pilots. Annually, they offer the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship and chapter scholarships. For additional details on these scholarships, click here.


Visit Website : https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarships.htm

950+ schools trust Meritize for student Loan funding in skills-based Education Programs. CFI Academy courses qualify for Meritize loans and funding. For more information, click here.

Visit Website : https://www.meritize.com/students/