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CFI Expired? How to Reinstate it?
How do I go about renewing or reinstating my CFI certificate? Many Pilots cum Flight Instructors, when they move on to the airlines’ business end up letting their CFI certificate expire. And then down the road when a need or the passion rekindles again, they realize that it has to be reinstated....
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Can Flight Instructor (CFI) checkride be considered as Flight Review?
We know that all pilots are required to go through a Flight Review each 24 calendar months as required by 14 CFR 61.56 . The paragraph (d) of this regulation states: “A person who has, within the period specified in paragraph (c) of this section, passed a pilot proficiency check conducted by an examiner,...
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Weather Judgment – Go or No-Go
Judgment, often defined as the ability to arrive at a wise decision, is the combination of knowledge and skill, tempered by experience. Studies show that pilot judgment can, in large part, be learned, and that learning process starts with sound pilot education. You can also improve your “Go or No-Go”...
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Practical Risk Management for Night VFR Flight – an FAA Guide
Purpose Flying at night can be very enjoyable, if pilots understand the differences of night flying and take the necessary actions to prepare for a safe flight. This guide suggests ways for flight instructors to teach risk management for safe VFR flying at night. Profile Factors in night accidents often...
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Good Aviation Weather Briefing - The Basics
A good weather briefing starts with developing total awareness of the overall “big picture” prior to obtaining a detailed or standard briefing. Most pilots start by monitoring weather patterns via TV’s The Weather Channel several days before the flight. The day or evening before the flight, pilots may...
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Types of Aviation Weather Briefings
Types of Aviation Weather Briefings Standard Briefing The standard preflight briefing will include the following elements: Adverse Conditions: Significant meteorological information that might influence you, the pilot, to alter your proposed route of flight, or even cancel your planned flight entirely...
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