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Certificate, Ratings and Endorsements or a License
Here is a link to a great article written by Susan Parson in the May/June 2008 edition of FAA Aviation News. Susan did a great job explaining the difference between a Pilot’s License and a FAA Pilot Certificate....
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10 Ways to Renew your CFI
Here are 10 ways one can renew an unexpired CFI certificate with the FAA. For expired certificates this would not be a viable option.
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FAA pilot certificate to Canadian TCCA pilot license conversion
AC 61-135 describes the procedures and processes involved in converting the FAA pilot certificate to Canada TCCA pilot license and vice versa. Conversion does not mean that one has to surrender the current...
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How do I get a replacement Knowledge Test Result
Did you lose your knowledge test result? Lost CFI knowledge test result Well, you should have kept it in a safer place to begin with. Anyways, this is how you can get a replacement one from the FAA – Complete...
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Spin or No Spin for CFI initial Re-test
I have been meaning to write about this topic for a while now. Even though I think about Stall/Spin instructional proficiency each time I am teaching and signing off a new CFI initial applicant, but these...
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See and Avoid
This morning I met with the Sacramento FSDO’s FAA FAAST Team manager. He seemed really excited about the FAAST Team and it’s programs and agenda. And of course I was there to see him as I found myself...
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Multi Engine Checkrides – DPE not required type specific LOA
Until recently, we used to have this one problem that was a nightmare to deal with. A student would show up with his/her own multi engine airplane and would ask us to train in their airplane for the CFI,...
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AGI or IGI with No Flight Instructor Certificate
I come across aviation teachers, holders of AGI and/or IGI, every now and then who either do not have a flight instructor certificate (CFI and/or CFII) yet, or even some who do not even have their Private...
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Foreign Flight Instructor conversion to FAA CFI
Foreign Flight Instructor Received an email this morning from someone who holds a Flight Instructor certificate (or license) in Netherlands, and also has instructor privileges in the military in his country....
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