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Flight Instructor - MEI (add on)

This MEI course is a day training course to help you add Multi Engine Rating on your existing FAA Flight Instructor certificate. You must have 10 hours PIC in a multi-engine airplane at the time of starting this course. If not, please add extra day for each 5 hours missing.

Checkride is scheduled and completed on the 4th day

Our MEI course is 3 days of ground and flight training and immediately followed by a checkride with a DPE on the 4th day. Checkrides are pre-scheduled.


  • A current or expired FAA Flight Instructor certificate (CFI).
  • A minimum of class III medical certificate, valid. Basic Med is acceptable.
  • There is no written exam for this add-on course.

Course Structure

Our MEI add-on course includes about 10 hours of ground training and about 5 hours of flight training covering the multi-engine course materials.

Lesson plans are provided as part of the ground school. You will have 2 ground sessions and 1-2 flight training sessions per day.

Typical Training Day

A typical training day includes 2 ground training sessions of about 3-4 hours duration with your ground instructor, and one flight schedule of about 1-2 hour duration with your flight instructor, and another 3-4 hour session of self study, video session and lesson plan preparation and research work. By the end of the training you will be ready to hit the bed to get a good night’s sleep to be ready for the next day’s routine.


In most cases the MEI applicants will take their MEI add on checkride with our local Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) on the 4th day.

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