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Top 10 Reasons to chose CFI Academy
CFI Academy was founded in April 1998 and has been in the business of teaching new Flight Instructors since. We are imitated often but never outperformed. Here are a few facts that help us maintain the lead. Our Experience Since 1998 we have been dedicated to training the best Flight Instructors in the...
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Seaplane Ratings | ASES | CFI ASE
Seaplane Ratings for your Commercial and CFI Certificate. Full IFR – can do ATP ASES CFI Academy has eventually added an amphibious Lake LA4-200 aircraft to it’s training fleet. This airplane is amphib, so it counts as LAND and SEA. It also counts as a COMPLEX airplane. This airplane is FULL...
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3 Day MEI course
Get an MEI rating added to your current Flight Instructor certificate with us in just 3 days. On-campus student housing and dedicated DPE.
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Actions speak louder than words
Right after 9/11, in 2001 (19 years ago), many flight schools went out of business. As most flight schools were shutting down, I was getting overwhelmed with new business. At that time, I was running CFI Academy (since 1998) with on an average of 10-12 Flight Instructor applicants per class. As there...
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Conversion of Canadian TCCA Pilot License to FAA Pilot Certificate
Canadian Pilot and Flight Instructor to FAA CFI Certification The FAA and Canada signed a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) back in 2008. This agreement was eventually expanded in 2014. BASA allows the Canadian pilots to easily obtain a US FAA issued pilot certificate, and vice-versa. The process...
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Endorsements and Training for Retest after Failure
Retesting After Failure – 14 CFR 61.49 A practical test can only have one of the 3 outcomes – Pass, Fail, or Discontinue. Of course the desired result is always to end up with a “Pass”, but then there are times when it does end up with a “Fail” or a “Discontinuation”....
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Clearing Turns - See and be Seen
Clearing Turns. Or, Clear the Area? “If this was a checkride, I’d do the clearing turns before each maneuver”. “Would you like for me to do clearing turns?” Surprisingly, I hear such statements coming from CFI applicants all the time. And this breaks my heart. Really, it does. Clearing turns have just...
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How to get FCC Radio Operator Permit for FAA Commercial and Private Pilots
Steps get your Permit FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit FAA certificated pilots operating VHF radios and flying within the United States do not require any aircraft radio licensing or operator’s permit. Private or Commercial Pilots who fly outside of the United States, or who wish to...
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Can I get MEI as Initial Flight Instructor
Why you should consider getting Initial Typically most Commercial Pilots opt for going the customary route of CFI, CFII and MEI  (Single Engine, Instrument and then Multi Engine). Nothing wrong with this approach. But there are advantages with going for MEI as initial certification as a flight instructor....
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