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Success Stories - Tobi This is Tobi from Chicago, IL area. He worked really hard towards his CFI checkride preparation. One of the things he had to overcome was his communication skills. His rate of speech was a bit too fast, and he had to proactively work on learning to speak slowly...
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CFI Reinstatement
Did you let your CFI expire? A Flight Instructor certificate expires every 24 calendar months. There are many different methods available to renew an Unexpired Flight Instructor certificate. But once the certificate has already expired, then it needs to be reinstated. The process of reinstatement involves...
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Endorsements required for CFI Checkride
What Flight Instructor Endorsements are required for the first-time CFI applicant for the practical test (checkride).
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Accelerated CFI Program
The Accelerated CFI Training Course is a fast-paced flight and ground training program where both the applicant and the assigned Flight Instructor dedicate their full time and effort towards the common goal: preparing the CFI applicant to achieve the required aeronautical experience and knowledge levels...
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CFI eligibility requirements
What are the eligibility requirements to be a CFI? 14CFR 61.183 stipulates the eligibility requirements for one to be a Flight Instructor (CFI). Here is a simpler version. Minimum age – 18 years. Must be able to read, write, speak, understand the English language – refer AC 61-28B. Must hold...
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Multi Engine Add on and MEI combination course
Multi Engine Add on and MEI combination course Multi-Engine add on course includes ground school and flight training. Multi add-on flight training can vary from anywhere between 5 hours to 10 hours dual. Other flight schools can take up to even 20-25 hours. At 10 hours of dual, you are looking at a flight...
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New Facility – Move Complete
Sutter County (O52) has been a great home for us; and we have built many great memories there. During our 2 years tenancy here, we worked with over 100 CFI applicants. Most these applicants came from all over the country, some from even overseas. Many stayed in rooms rented out from local residents in...
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Stress and Aviation
Stress and aviation do not match. I have always reminded my students to leave their personal lives outside once they are ready to step into the cockpit. If, for some reason, this is not a possibility, then the flight should happen another day. Stress and living organisms go hand in hand. It is unavoidable....
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Airline Transport Pilot
We have been getting inquiries from our former students and from other pilots wanting to know what’s the process of getting an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certification post July 31st, 2014, and if we provide such training. Airline Transport Pilot – ATP Starting Aug 1st, 2014 – all ATP applicants have...
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