2 Week Instrument Rating (IR) Course

Get your Instrument Rating after PPL to fly safely in IMC weather. This 2-week course is intensive, so prepare to study and fly hard.
Fixed Cost


Course Introduction

Earning your Instrument Rating is the next and the smartest step after earning your Private Pilot License. Flying with an Instrument Rating (IR) expands the flight territory in which a pilot can safely operate. You will learn how to safely fly in IMC weather conditions and be licensed to do so. This is unlike the PPL, which operates under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). This course is designed to be an intensive 2 week instrument rating course, So prepare to do some serious Studying/Flying.

Course Structure

Learning Objectives

Areas Covered

Typical Training Day

A dedicated instructor will work with you from day one through day 10. 3 training flights during the day, and 2 classroom sessions per day. So, no, this is not an accelerated IR course, but a very intensive instrument rating training, which involves total focus and commitment from your side.

Additional Costs

Checkride Fees $800 – $1000
On-Campus Housing (Shared Room) $300/Week
On-Campus Housing ( Single Room) $450/Week