Multi Engine Add on and MEI combination course

Multi Engine Add on and MEI combination course

Multi Engine Instructor flying right seat over some clouds

Multi Engine Add on and MEI combination course

Multi-Engine add on course includes ground school and flight training. Multi add-on flight training can vary from anywhere between 5 hours to 10 hours dual. Other flight schools can take up to even 20-25 hours. At 10 hours of dual, you are looking at a flight training cost of $3000 ($300/hour), and possibly another $1000 for the ground school; totaling to about $4000.

Then, 15 hours PIC are needed to qualify for MEI. This is an additional cost of about $4500, plus ground training.

Considering, some people need more training time to get their multi-engine add-on, we are offering (limited time only) both courses at a flat rate of $8,000.

This means we will keep training you, ground and flight until you get both the ME add-on and the MEI ratings. On flat fixed cost for you. We are confident about our teaching skills, and this is why we can offer such a sweet deal.

Plan for a week to 10 days for both courses.

No cost for additional training, in case you do not pass on the first attempt! We do have an almost 100% passing score on our multi-engine courses.

On-Campus housing

DPE – Dedicated in house

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

From $7499

Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)

From $4499

Multi Engine Instructor (MEI)

From $5999

Private Pilot License (PPL)


Instrument Rating (IR)