New Facility – Move Complete

New Facility – Move Complete

Sutter County (O52) has been a great home for us; and we have built many great memories there. During our 2 years tenancy here, we worked with over 100 CFI applicants. Most these applicants came from all over the country, some from even overseas. Many stayed in rooms rented out from local residents in their houses. Many relationships were built, even lifelong ones.
Eventually, the time came when a move to a bigger facility was not an option anymore, but a necessity. Student housing is a big part of what we do for CFI applicants. Looking for rooms to stay, or comparing motel rooms, added up to the workload, and it does come with it’s own issues. And the associated costs.
Our new facility at Lodi Airport is custom built for operations like ours. On campus student housing, a full kitchen, on airport restaurant, makes stay more comfortable, predictable, and saves time and money. No more rental cars needed.
We will post more in future. And pictures too.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

From $7499

Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)

From $4499

Multi Engine Instructor (MEI)

From $5999

Private Pilot License (PPL)


Instrument Rating (IR)