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CFI eligibility requirements

CFI eligibility requirements

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What are the eligibility requirements to be a CFI?

14CFR 61.183 stipulates the eligibility requirements for one to be a Flight Instructor (CFI). Here is a simpler version.

  1. Minimum age – 18 years.
  2. Must be able to read, write, speak, understand the English language – refer AC 61-28B.
  3. Must hold either a Commercial Pilot or Airline Transport Pilot certificate (FAA).
  4. Must hold the Category and Class Rating appropriate to the CFI certificate/rating sought. For example, ASEL to qualify for CFI ASE.
  5. Must hold Instrument Rating Airplane (for airplane category) – currency/recency of experience is not required.
  6. Pass the 2 written exams – FOI and FIA.
  7. Receive CFI ground school training and flight training from an authorized instructor. Training and endorsements logged.
  8. Receive Stall and Spin awareness training to instructional proficiency level, leading to an endorsement from your instructor.
  9. Take the CFI practical test (CFI checkride)

Note – If you wish to go for CFII as the initial flight instructor rating, then, of course, the written exam would be FII instead of FIA. Spin training is still required.

CFI Academy offers a 3-week CFI (initial) certification course besides a few other courses. Click on the links to learn more.

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