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The top-most reason for failing CFI checkride

The top-most reason for failing CFI checkride

I was just going through some old posts on this CFI blog, and came across this one – Top 10 Ways to Fail your CFI Checkride. This post was written some 10 years ago, and explains the top reasons why CFI applicants fail the CFI Checkride. But then again, I have the 11th and the most common reason today, to share with you. This is in fact the reason that has prevented us here to maintain the perfect pass rate.

Flight Instructor checkride failure

So what’s the top reason to fail CFI Checkride?

CFI Checkride can be a long enduring task. Yes, the checkride itself can be anywhere from 6-8 hours long. But the real test begins a day or 2 before the actual meeting with the DPE. Any checkride can be nerve-wrecking, but the CFI is the biggest of all the “monsters” you will ever face.

Stress and Aviation do not mix well!!

Calm Down

As the “big day” approaches, you will start feeling the “heat”. You will start second-guessing yourself. You will feel like everyone is all-eyes on you. And all of this is normal. Learn to control your “defense-mechanisms”. Stay focused, and stay confident.

The Big Day

Be prepared to have a long day. Even though the actual checkride may not be an 8 hour ordeal, but still, it can be exhausting.

Many fall in the trap of pushing it. And this is the biggest reason for the failures here.

You call for breaks

CFI checkride is like none other. In this one, you demonstrate that you are in control. Call for breaks. Let the DPE know that you need to stretch out, take a walk, need a breath of fresh air. And then just do so. In real life, when you are really teaching, you would be doing so. I know I do.

Energy Bar

Bring some snacks with you. And no, “cheetos” won’t cut it. Your body and your mind needs nutrition. Bring an energy bar, or 2, some almonds or trail mix and lots of water. And use it. keep yourself replenished with minerals, vitamins and hydrate.

Most failures are due to lack of rest, nutrition, or hydration. And not due to lack of knowledge or skill.