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Author: David Gofman

Accelerated CFI
David Gofman

True Accelerated CFI

A true Accelerated CFI Program will get you your CFI ticket in your pocket within the advertised time – frame. There are many “CFI Academy”

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What is Adequate Instruction?

Becoming a flight instructor comes with a great deal of power. With great power comes a great responsibility Benjamin “Ben” Parker (Uncle Ben) ? Dictionary

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Success Stories – Tobi

This is Tobi from Chicago, IL area. He worked really hard towards his CFI checkride preparation. One of the things he had to overcome was

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Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

From $6999

Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)

From $4499

Seaplane Certifications

From $2999

Multi Engine Instructor (MEI)

From $5499