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What, is important, but why, is even more so…. 

What, is important, but why, is even more so…. 

Why do you want to be a pilot

What should be the interests, abilities, and skills of someone entering into a pilot? by William Mitchell

The link above is to this question posted on Quora, an online question-answer type website. William, an air ambulance pilot provided an answer like a boss. I suggest you click on the link, read the Q and then A, and come back for my 2-cents here.

What does it take to be a pilot

Doesn’t take much of the mathematical or science genius; anyone can be a pilot, if they wanted to be

William did a great job at explaining what all it does not take to be, which is usually the misinformation out there. Probably the remnants of older days of aviation. With the newer and advanced technologies, the pilot’s workload has consistently lightened up over the decades.

We even were able to do away with the “Navigator” and the “Flight Engineer” duty positions.

When I was in middle school, my mom, had to remind me all the time that if I do not work harder on improving my mathematics and science skills in school, then my dream of becoming a pilot may forever become just that, a dream.

Just like William said in his answer; all that academic knowledge and skill is good to have, but not quite the necessity to successfully become an airline pilot.

Anyone can be a Pilot

All it takes is a desire and a dream, and one can be a pilot. Yes, even without proper schooling.

why do you want to be a pilot

Why do you want to be a Pilot?

I have always asked prospective students this question. Why do you want to be a pilot? And I think I have heard just about every reason there could be.

The only one that matters to me, and it should to you, the instructor, and to the person who is considering becoming a pilot; because I always wanted to.

If you are thinking of becoming a pilot, especially as a career, for any other reason other than your pure love for aviation, I can assure you that you are making the wrong choice.

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