True Accelerated CFI

True Accelerated CFI

Accelerated CFI

A true Accelerated CFI Program will get you your CFI ticket in your pocket within the advertised time – frame.

There are many “CFI Academy” offers out there nowadays, promoted by many big and small flight schools. Many claim that they have a 10 day, 14 days, even 7 day CFI training course. One larger one tries to present itself as more realistic and claims to have a 30 day CFI course.

The true test of a real accelerated CFI course is – call them, and ask them, how much is the waiting time for the checkride after you’ve completed their accelerated CFI course.

If they can not assure you that their program duration includes the checkride, then I’d call it a not so TRUE Accelerated Program!

CFI Academy ( offers 3 weeks CFI course  that includes FAA checkride.

4 applicants per class, 2 classes per month. Extremely high 1st time pass rate.

100% pass rate within 4 weeks, for the 2nd attempt guys. In case you are the unlucky one that somehow flunked the 1st attempt.

On-campus housing. Learn about the on-campus housing advantages here. Dedicated DPE’s. 20 years of CFI Academy experience. CFI is all that we do.

CFI Academy’s CFI course is truly an ACCELERATED CFI course. We are thorough, flexible, and economical.



Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

From $7499

Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)

From $4499

Multi Engine Instructor (MEI)

From $5999

Private Pilot License (PPL)


Instrument Rating (IR)