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Can I get MEI as Initial Flight Instructor

Can I get MEI as Initial Flight Instructor

MEI course at CFI Academy

Why you should consider getting

Typically most Commercial Pilots opt for going the customary route of CFI, CFII and MEI  (Single Engine, Instrument and then Multi Engine). Nothing wrong with this approach. But there are advantages with going for MEI as initial certification as a flight instructor.

Here are the “Reasons” and “Advantages” of getting Multi Engine Instructor or MEI as initial certification.

Most flight schools around the country have a need for flight instructors. And most need multi engine instructors. The hiring by the airlines is at it’s peak, and hiring minimums are low. Therefore the need for CFIs is huge. Having an MEI certification will definitely get you more multi engine time in the same amount of time spent working as a flight instructor.

Advantages of going for MEI as initial

If you are looking into becoming a flight instructor, then maybe going for the MEI as initial certification may save you time and money both. Typically a newly graduated Commercial Pilot will have 250 hours and most of these would be in a single engine airplane.

Flight Instructor certification requires 15 hours minimum PIC time in the category and class –14 CFR 61.183 (j), so for MEI you would need 15 hours of PIC time in a multi engine airplane to qualify. Also, the flight instructor training is done with you in the right seat. So there will be a learning curve to transition to the right seat.

I suggest that you might as well spend these 15 hours (the minimum required) of multi engine PIC time training for the MEI as initial. When you go for the Single Engine add on later, it will require much lesser amount of flying, thereby saving you money, and time.

These required 15 hours of PIC time can also be achieved by combining CFII and MEI courses together.

Here is a link to our CFI AME initial course page.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

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Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)

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Multi Engine Instructor (MEI)

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Private Pilot License (PPL)


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