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10 Day Instrument Rating Course

Course Introduction

Earning your Instrument Rating is the next and the smartest step after earning your Private Pilot
License. Flying with an Instrument Rating (IR) expands the flight territory in which a pilot can safely
operate. You will learn how to safely fly in IMC weather conditions and be licensed to do so. This is
unlike the PPL, which operates under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). This course is designed to be an
intensive 10 business days instrument rating course, So prepare to do some serious Studying/Flying.

Course Structure

● Flight operations under IFR;
● Air traffic control system and procedures for instrument flight operations;
● IFR navigation and approaches by use of navigation systems;
● Use of IFR en route and instrument approach procedure charts;
● Procurement and use of aviation weather reports and forecasts and the elements of forecasting;
weather trends based on that information and personal observation of weather conditions;
● Safe and efficient operation of aircraft under instrument flight rules and conditions;
● Recognition of critical weather situations and windshear avoidance;
● Aeronautical decision making and judgment; and
● Crew resource management, including crew communication and coordination.

● Preflight procedures;
● Air traffic control clearances and procedures;
● Flight by reference to instruments;
● Navigation systems;
● Instrument approach procedures;
● Emergency operations; and
● Postflight procedures.

Course Fee

$12,000 (Flat Rate) includes the following:
● All the ground school required for Instrument rating (40 hours)
● 42 hours of airplane rental (wet) – including 2hrs for checkrides**
● 40 hours of flight instruction.
● Study Guide Materials
● Pre/Post Briefings

Typical Training Day

A dedicated instructor will work with you from day one through day 10. 3 training flights during the day, and 2
classroom sessions per day. So, no, this is not an accelerated IR course, but a very intensive instrument rating
training, which involves total focus and commitment from your side.

Additional Costs

Checkride Fees $800 – $1000
On-Campus Housing (Shared Room) $300/Week
On-Campus Housing ( Single Room) $450/Week