Multi Engine Checkrides – DPE not required type specific LOA
Until recently, we used to have this one problem that was a nightmare to deal with. A student would show up with his/her own multi engine airplane and would ask us to train in their airplane for the CFI,...
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AGI or IGI with No Flight Instructor Certificate
I come across aviation teachers, holders of AGI and/or IGI, every now and then who either do not have a flight instructor certificate (CFI and/or CFII) yet, or even some who do not even have their Private...
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Foreign Flight Instructor conversion to FAA CFI
Foreign Flight Instructor Received an email this morning from someone who holds a Flight Instructor certificate (or license) in Netherlands, and also has instructor privileges in the military in his country....
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Social Security Number and CFI Certificate Number
Your CFI certificate number is in fact your pilot certificate number ending with CFI. And no it does not end with a CFII or MEI, read my post about that as well. I got an email yesterday from a CFI, nicknamed...
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Cory Lidle’s Cirrus SR-22 crash into a Manhattan Skyscraper
Cory Lidle was a New York Yankees pitcher, a private pilot and an aircraft owner. His Cirrus SR-22 crashed into a Manhattan skyscraper in October 2006, and on board with him was an FAA Certified Flight...
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CFII and MEI Combination Course
Note: If you do not have 15 hours PIC required to qualify for an MEI checkride, you definitely should consider our CFII plus MEI combo course. Instead of renting a multi-engine airplane to meet the MEI...
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Can I take my initial CFI as a CFII
Question I have heard that I can be a CFII without getting my CFI. Is this possible? Answer Yes you can be a CFII without getting your CFI. In other words, you can be a certified flight instructor with...
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Spin Training for CFI applicants
If you are working towards getting your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate, one of the requirements to be eligible is to have received and logged training time, in-flight, on stall / spin awareness,...
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I am a CFI, but want an AGI
The question: I already am a CFI, and I want to add an AGI certificate to my aviation credentials. What do I need to do? Here is the answer: If you already hold an FAA Flight Instructor certificate (CFI...
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