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Prince is one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have ever met. He took some of the bad habits old instructors instilled in me and broke them off of me. It was great working with him.

Mike Carrier


If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are in the same place I was a couple months back. Attending CFI Academy was one of the greatest moves I have ever made. Prince is one of the most challenging and knowledgeable instructors I have ever worked with. Knowing the answers isn’t good enough for him. After a week, instead of answering questions, you will be teaching the answers. You can probably learn just as much anywhere else you go, but I can promise you, you won’t be ready to TEACH like you would be after going to CFI Academy. Also, at the end of your training, you’ll have gained a very good friend and mentor. Thanks, Prince!!!

Nate Early


CFI Academy is the best Flight school training I have ever attended. I have learned a lot and built up my confident. Thanks



CFWhy, I hate this word, but One of requirements to receive endorsements from Prince is each student must bring one lesson from CFI pts and give lesson to other students. Every single time I provide lesson in front, Prince always told me please explain “WHY” it happens. It drove me crazy and sometimes it was really stressful. Addition to this he was really good at pretending to be student who doesn`t know anything about aviation. Whenever I didn`t make answer he asked me, there existed long awkward moment in the class. I never liked that moment for sure and I was trying to do something to avoid that happen in the class. So I spent more time on preparing every lesson in CFI pts and keep sharing idea with classmates after class. It was main driving forces to become flight instructor. During my CFI checkride, I had to demonstrate that I am able to teach “WHY” it happens. I believe CFI academy is best place to overcome “WHY” phobia and successfully finish up CFI checkride in other words.

Byeomseok Jeon


CFI Academy helped me get my CFII in under a week. Prince is a great instructor, and I really enjoyed the school’s environment. I also got to know other pilots training for various ratings. Everyone was sharing knowledge and helping others study, which is part of the environment that I liked about this place.

Mohammed Altuwairgi


If you looking to get your CFI done, is definitely CFI Academy! People from all over the country and even from abroad coming to learn here. You will not wait for the examiner 2-3 month. Everything in CFI Academy is efficient and for a reasonable price. Did i mention that academy have their own housing? 😉 Get this done and start teaching

Mike Green


It has been a very interesting time with CFI Academy – getting my CFI/CFII reinstated by adding the MEI-rating. So many great people comes by to do their various licenses and ratings – meeting great people/pilots in the environment Prince sets up, adds true value to education, knowledge and experience. Learn more – know more – make yourself a better and more proficient pilot/instructor – on several levels – that is what being Good Aviators is all about – right? And hey – I don’t think it is needless to say that Pricing is Good

Eric Frettem


I Really enjoyed while doing my MEI here and i did instructor at the flight school, Thanks again.

Mohamed Alobadi


Quality you can trust and dependability to get you where you need to be. I’ve been to other instructing schools and this one sets the bar high, this school is second to none. If other schools have dropped the ball, count on this one to pick that ball up and get you going. Professional school, professional instruction, and professional evaluation to help you become a better pilot as well as a proficient flight instructor.

Justin Barnes


I used CFI Academy for my Instrument rating. Prince was my instructor. During the time I was with him, he was very professional. He always was there to provide me with instruction material to assist me with my training. Out of my two ratings I received in the past he was the only instructor to take the time to be with me at the time of my flight review. Even after a year he continues to check up on me on how I am doing with my rating. In addition still answers questions I ask him.

Jeffery Pierce


Prince provided some of the best ground school that I have ever had. I was over prepared for the oral exam portion of the checkride.

Nick Blouin


CFI Academy helped me get my CFI Instrument add-on. Big thanks to Prince.

Manuel Caravantes