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Seaplane Ratings for your Commercial and CFI Certificate. Full IFR – can do ATP ASES

CFI Academy has eventually added an amphibious Lake LA4-200 aircraft to it’s training fleet. This airplane is amphib, so it counts as LAND and SEA. It also counts as a COMPLEX airplane.

This airplane is FULL IFR – equipped with a Garmin 530 WAAS; therefore full IFR capable.

We will be offering various courses in this airplane, including – Basic and Advanced Sea Ratings.

The airplane can be used for Instrument Rating and ATP. Also for CFII and CFI (Initial). The Practice area is just about 10 minutes away, so no time wasted to commute back and forth.

-Contact us to get more info, and stay tuned here as we post detailed course info for various amazing options we are about to launch.

Here is the link to the Seaplane Courses page.

Please contact Fadi Estafan at or call him at 916-209-0234

IFR Equipped | Garmin 530WAAS
Seaplane Rating

Post Date: March 10, 2021

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