CFI to teach in a Sea Plane

So what does it take for a Flight Instructor (CFI) to teach in a sea plane or amphibious airplane? Is there any special or additional training requirements? Any CFI certificate endorsement required?

Seaplane CFI

The answer is simple; you are allowed to teach in any single engine airplane for which you hold pilot privileges. Your CFI certificate says – “Airplane Single Engine”. Your pilot certificate (commercial pilot) reads – “Airplane single engine land, Airplane single engine sea”. In this case you can teach in both the land and sea single engine airplanes.

Piper Cub on Floats
In other words, if you already hold a commercial pilot and a flight instructor (CFI) certificate, and you go get a single engine sea add-on rating on your commercial pilot certificate, you are authorized to teach in a sea plane or an amphibious airplane.

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Post Date: November 18, 2010


  • Shealin Johnson says:

    Scenario: if you accomplish these in this order, you have a commercial then get your seaplane, and after both of those receive your CFI, are able to teach in a seaplane?
    I’m thinking yes, but want to make absolutely sure.

    • Prince Singh says:

      The answer is Yes. CFI certificate category/class is Airplane Single Engine (not differentiated by land/sea).

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