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Swaraj Sandhu

Best place to do your CFI training.. best instructors I have had throughout my pilot training. I’m really happy I chose this place to get my CFI. Also, really beautiful place to fly.

Byeomseok Jeon

What I love about CFI Academy is that you’re taught the why and you have to be able to explain the why. It’s challenging but you come out really knowing what you’re talking about at a deep level.

Roger Chen

I spent two and half weeks at CFI Academy. The environment is casual but the material is not. Prince is the lead instructor and the most knowledgeable CFI I’ve ever met. CFI Academy prepares you for success.

Nate Early

You can probably learn just as much anywhere else you go, but I can promise you, you won’t be ready to TEACH like you would be after going to CFI Academy.